Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sad Panda

In a fit of New Year’s Resolution-ness, I entered the lottery for the New York Marathon hoping that since they upped the qualification times to beyond mere mortal that perhaps I could get in the old fashioned way with a bit of good luck
Yesterday was Marathon Opening Day, and when all was said and done.  Well, I was greeted with the following message when I checked my New York Road Runners account.  Marathon registration status: Not accepted.

So, I’m a bit of a sad panda.

My training plan, or better yet lack of a training plan, hinged on whether or not I’d be making the trek to New York.  The NYC Marathon was Plan A, I really didn’t have a Plan B.

Right now, my running compadres are either recovering from heat stroke (they ran Boston) or in the final preparations for their spring marathon event.  I’m still putzing along building my aerobic base so I can stop staring at their butts from long distances.

I’m undecided about whether or not I could run an A Race in the fall to attempt a 3:30 Boston qualification or should I focus on trying to PB a couple of half marathons and build to next year when I could use time to bump up an age group for the 2014 Boston Marathon and get an extra 10 minutes.

 The logical first step would be to get that elusive sub 4 hour marathon my belt.

Which takes be back to rebuilding my aerobic base.  It’s a slow and painful process.  Painful in the sense that running slow is so counter intuitive.  I have at minimum another two months before I begin to transition to adding strength and speed work into the equation. 

By then I should have a game plan for the remainder of the year.

In the mean time slow and steady as she goes.

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