Friday, May 4, 2012

Hot and Bothered

This week’s training has been rather lack luster.  Not that anything is arguably wrong, but since I've started aerobic training I feel like I've lost focus.  Since Sunday, I’ve had an almost impossible time getting in a run where my pace or heart rate has been on target.  I’m beginning to believe that I’ve strayed a bit too much off course from the Low Heart Rate Training Plan.

Mark Allen cautions that the most runners do not have the patience to build their aerobic base properly.  This week I certainly am having issues with my patience.  I just want to run, to breeze through workouts at my old pace, to run at the front of the pack happy and effortlessly.

Wednesday night felt humiliating.   I struggled to maintain a 5:30min/km pace (8:50min/mile) for 8.5km.  Sure it was hot and humid  but.. but… but …  I have no patience.

Last night’s run was even worse.  I didn’t realize how hot it was when I went for a 10Km run after getting home from physio.  I usually never run after physio, in the future I should stick to that plan.  I didn’t realize how much the humidity has affected the temperature; only after I got back home did I discover the humidex was 95F.    Realizing that I more than likely boiled out what little brains I posses, I’m feeling a bit less frustrated.

So other than temperature what I am doing wrong.  This analogy pretty well sums it up

Above all, keep it simple. If you make things too complex or question things too much, you will just drive yourself crazy. Expect a lot of frustration when first trying this and swallow your pride. A good majority of people quit early on using this approach because of how slowly they have to go. Think of this as a diet. If you periodically cheat, depending on how much, you may deter your progress. Those who need it the most will have the hardest time and the most frustration. Once you binge (i.e., start racing), you will lose a lot of what you built up and when you finish racing, you'll have to do it again, but some of it will stick with you from last time and you will be wiser this time around. The main difference is that you're dieting in preparation for a binge. Just make sure you save your binge for the races, not the training course.

Be still my beating heart, I’m on a pacing diet.  Feels like I need some Jack Daniels, its going to be a long summer.

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