Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Same Old Song and Dance

I’m long overdue for a blog update but I really wasn’t feeling the love reporting out on hot days, slow splits, tired muscles, and aching feet especially when everyone else was doing “epic shit.”

So what has lulled me out of myself imposed exile?

Certainly not the endless stream of freakishly hot days.

Or the unending string of slow splits.

And haven’t your heard enough about my tired muscles andaching feet to last a lifetime?

Believe me, there has been no epic shit to speak of unless you count a morning of trail running with runnrgrl and ultramyron.
I’m still dealing with heel and Achilles tenderness.
I replaced my New Balance 890v2’s after 500 miles.

I’ve signed up for three races on three consecutive days in August.
  1. A 5K
  2. A 15K
  3. And a 10K
 I think I may run this very cool half marathon.

And my splits are still slow as fuck, because it’s still effen hot.

Yep, it's the same old song and dance my friends....

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