Monday, August 27, 2012

Stanley Cup Challenge

I was really looking forward to running the Port Stanley Cup Challenge (Becky's Race of Champions 16K).  The Run for Your Life gang was piggybacking on to the August Runners’ Choice Port Stanley run for a fun event to support Sport in the Port.
There was even an opportunity to lift the Stanley Cup for the winner.

I should have known this wasn’t going to be my day.  While warming up I somehow managed to roll my left ankle in a small pot hole.  For a moment I thought my day was over before it even began.  Luckily other than increasing my emotional stress levels for a couple of minutes I didn’t cause any damage.

Looking at the course elevation map you’d almost think this was an all out downhill from Jumbo the Elephant to the Lake Erie waterfront.   Except that once you ran down hill from the elephant it was an immediate uphill for a couple of kilometers.   Running this hill at race pace without a proper warm-up  might have made been a big mistake.   At the time, I was running comfortably through this section noticing the wind was coming from the south which was a bit unusual.  Once the first climb was done I was looking forward to running on cruise control until I could see that water tower with about 5km left then pushing  the last downhill section before a sneaky up and over hill that we don’t usually run but in this case was added in order to avoid the lift bridge interfering with the “race”.

The only problem was, I couldn’t find the cruise control, after the hill my legs felt dead.  My quads were tight, my breathing labored, and nothing felt good.  It was hot and windy and wah-wah-wah , I just felt like quitting.  But I kept going, hit a few water stops, chatted a bit but mostly ran by myself.

Finally saw the water tower, bumbled down the hill into the last three kilometers and totally bonked just before that last little hill.  With no one behind me I walked for a minute, then ran up and over and into the on to the finish feeling like total crap.  I’ve never felt this bad running before so I’m a bit unsure what was wrong.   Just one of those days ……

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