Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Time is the longest distance between two places.  - Tennessee Williams

Where has all the time gone?

When last we left our intrepid blogger he was frozen in Hamilton and bemoaning the onset of winter training, well, winter is almost over and by not blogging I’ve spared my loyal reader from my bellyaching.  I’ve also saved myself from any significant winter training.

While not injured for a change, a lack of inspiration, dedication, infatuation, and too much couch capitulation has kept cold training miles to a minimum.  Truth be told, I’m just not in to running at the moment.  I’ve been keeping it social with some occasional runs with some of my running pals, many of whom are getting geared up for Around the Bay.  I’ve taken a firm stance and refuse to even consider another trip to Hamilton, that place has the worst running weather in the northern hemisphere.  In my less than humble opinion, I can guarantee perfect conditions for those running by not showing up.

I’ll be legitimately pacing a friend in a half marathon in April, and given my current conditioning, might need her to pace me this time around.  Then I need to decide “What’s next?”

I had hopes for a BQ attempt Fall Marathon.  New working conditions have all but eliminated any hope maintaining any consistency in a training schedule over the summer as my weekends are going to be non-existent.   I’m waivering between hesitant and optimistic that I can resolve the conflict within myself between going for it and surrendering that this is just not the year.

So, perhaps once the spring rains pass, instead of running long and slow, the answer may be to switch back to short and fast.  Run some killer times in 5k and 10 events. 


I really want my BQ and to achieve that I need time.

And time is what I don’t have.

Not this year.

Not yet.


Fawziyah Muhith said...
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Jeff Rowell said...

Thanks for the comment Fawwziyah. I've linked Nick's blog into my "required reading" section.

My advice to Nick is SLOW Down!! Every training run is not a race and more importantly a marathon is not a sprint. The trick to successful endurance running is to build up the endurance. Long runs, especially early on in the training cycle are meant to be slow. The idea is to train your body to cruise along in within your aerobic threshold. 8K and 10K events are great fun but are using totally different energy systems than the marathon.

I look forward to reading about Nick's training and see him reach the finish line of his first marathon.