Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Aimlessly Wandering

With less than a week until Sulphur Springs, I spent some time in running  wandering around Warbler Woods on Saturday.

The bio provided by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority describes Warbler Woods Environmentally Significant Area (ESA) as located in west London between Commissioners Road and Byron Baseline Road.   The publicly-owned lands cover 28 ha. Warbler Woods ESA forms part of a continuous natural corridor extending north to Kains Woods ESA.  The rolling hills and steep ravines of Warbler Woods create a scenic area for hiking, bird watching, and nature appreciation. The upland deciduous forest is particularly beautiful in the spring when it is carpeted with trilliums, trout lilies and other early-blooming plants.

Only later do they expand upon the “rolling hills” section by mentioning Warbler Woods covers the eastern slope of a steep hill at the western end of the Ingersoll Moraine. The moraine is a mix of silt, sand and stony soil (till) that was deposited by a melting glacier about 13,000 years ago. In places silt and clay layers from glacial Lake London cover these deposits.  The hillside has been eroded by creeks and mudslides, forming steep slopes.
All in all, a great location to get the feel of your heart trying to explode out of your chest.

On the plus side, the flowers were pretty so I went back home to get the wife and dog and take them for a walk.

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