Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Man on a Mission

Have you ever met the winner of the 2012 Boston Marathon?   

Remember 2012 was the  year the BAA was asking age group runners to defer to 2013 because of unseasonably high temperatures.

Or have you ever pondered ....

What would you do if you won the Boston Marathon?

What would you do with a big prize cheque?

Would you donate the money?

Not too likely, right?

Or have you ever met Wesley Korir

They are all one in the same.

Wesley has ties to Canada.  His wife is Tarah McKay-Korir.  Yes that Tarah McKay

In April of 2012, they had a very good month with three race victories.  When recalling the events, Tarah smiles brightly as she kindly reminds Wesley that two of victories were hers.

On Sunday, after the band stopped playing and the volunteers and sponsors started clearing up, Wesley and Tarah arrived at finishers area of Rock the Road to meet and greet at the booth for the charity they founded, the Kenyan Kids Foundation.

Wesley had been delayed in transit and they missed the opportunity to arrive earlier to be front and center but they arrived none the less with their two children.  Tired but both smiling Wesley talked about training in St Clements and the Mennonites timing him with their horse and buggy.  How this rural part of south western Ontario reminds him on home in Kenya.   I asked Tarah how training must have changed with two young children and she responded with her thankfulness at the support of friends and family that help with the children in order to give them time to train.  I teased Tarah about how having a third child throws off the parenting dynamic when the kids have you outnumbered.

I was too shy and self conscious to ask for a picture with so few people around.  After spending some time talking, I quietly left hoping to give them some family time before they too had to pack back up and leave, but in those moments I was struck by their unexpected genuineness.  Soft spoken and unassuming Wesley wants the best for his homeland and is working to make a difference.  

In a week where 7,500 people in London Ontario paid $50 a head to a "for profit" romp  in colored corn starch I'm thankful we have leaders like Wesley and Tarah striving to make a difference in the world.  I hope they have an  opportunity to return next year to share the work of their charity and their outreach.

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